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WordPress for my technical Blog posts

Why I have started a blog

Till now I have documented all my personal projects in different tools, because I haven’t found the right solution for myself. I wanted to have all information in one place, and available from everywhere. It’s also important for me to own my own content and didn’t want wo put it into a proprietary vendor solution in the cloud. Another important thing is to have the flexibility to change the tool every time if needed, and are not locked in a solution. Therefore I giv it a try and just now started with my first blog posts in WordPress.

I used Open Source my whole live. In my opinion it’s time for me to share my experiences and give something back to the community. And even if I just help one single person, maybe it’s you, then it was worth the effort.

I already contribute some of my source code with the community. You could find my shared repositories on GitHub wep4you. If there are in the future Blog Posts with Source Code I will share it there and.

WordPress Setup and first Steps

I will post some Blog Posts for my WordPress Setup. For most of my personal work, I use Kubernetes with Rancher on a RaspberryPi 4 Cluster with Raspbian 64 Bit. At the moment not every Docker Image is ready for ARM 64 and some may also have to much resource needs. But till now I managed to get everything I need to run on the system. Just for some special things I also have an Intel Based VM as worker node. For some repos I also started Github Forks for Multi-Arch Building to use it on my ARM-64 Cluster. So stay tuned and leave me a comment if you are interested something special. 


I just started my journey with WordPress but hopefully the content will grow as fast as my ideas and small projects.

If you have questions or suggestions, please leave me a comment.

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